lördag 27 juli 2013

Grave Ekstasis SOLD OUT

Irkallian Oracle - Grave Ekstasis is now sold out.
The band should not be bothered about copies as they have none. The few remaining copies at Bolvärk are reserved for people that already have contacted us on this matter and waiting. New orders are not possible. Bolvärk will be back in business in early august when we have access to tape machines and communications. The Grave Ekstasis recordings will be made available again in different form on another label. 

tisdag 14 maj 2013


First edition of "Grave Ekstasis" is nearly gone.
BOLVÄRK are now offering an additional 100 copies to satisfy the demand. 
Order instructions: ghoulbog@gmail.com

Apocalyptic Reverence - An Interview with IRKALLIAN ORACLE



Stockholm - 2013.07.14 + Göteborg - 2013.07.15

fredag 5 april 2013

Irkallian Oracle: Grave Ekstasis

Ekstasis (as in ”out-of-itself”) denotes the great leap beyond the limited existential confinements of being wrapped up in confused states of ego-centrism. It is here drawn forth by both terror and awe at the apocalyptic totality of the Grave; the abysmal Other that mirrors the infinitude of endless possibility upon the beholder. Like an absence of self it becomes the very significant of Being, as the notion that existence only may be relevant in the encounter with inexistence. Hence, the ecstasy here spoken of is based upon the mystical endeavor of transgression, deconstruction and iconoclasm of selfhood that is revealed in the face of DEATH.

Born in the year 2012 on Swedish soil, Irkallian Oracle is a musical vehicle for the Void. Drawing its art from the darkest and most horrific vaults of the Death and Black Metal tradition yet still searching ever deeper and beyond all confined artistic boundaries, it wishes to both musically and lyrically explore the ecstatic mysteries of abysmal infinitude. "Grave Ekstasis" is the first released material of Irkallian Oracle and consists of five revelations at the combined length of almost 45 minutes, and it shall function as message to all those who wish to enslave Death and Black Metal to purposeless retrospection, mediocrity and shallow ideals. 

 Recorded at Evil grill studios, Mastered by Phil Kusabs, Artwork by David Herrerias, Layout by Kristian Olsson. C45 + 16 page artzine with illustrations & lyrics. Edition: 200 copies. €8 + postage through paypal. Order through: ghoulbog@gmail.com